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Unable to Void picks

The normal process would be to create the pick but send it to Create Print and not to device. It can then be voiding from the confirm pick screen. Unfortunately it appears to have been allocated to someone and has a allocation_pick no:

There is a check in traxs_Warehouse_AllocationsVoid to match the allocation_det to be updated match the number of allocation_det A

 INNER JOIN allocation_request AR ON AR.guid_request_link = A.guid_request_link
 INNER JOIN replenishment_request R ON AR.guid_request = R.guid

There appear to be some duplicates so the counts don't match resulting in 'Error updating allocation_det'

Unfortunately, the workaround doesn't work because the pick_no has been created and is passed into traxs_Warehouse_PickList_Finalise in this case @p6=1995 . But I can identify where this is coming from:

declare @p6 int
set @p6=1995
declare @p8 bit
set @p8=0
declare @p9 int
set @p9=0
declare @p10 varchar(200)
set @p10='Another user has updated these items 0 0'
exec traxs_Warehouse_PickList_Finalise @pick_description='For 163 Shepton Mallet',@user_to_pick=3585,@terminal_id=962,@user_no=1,@send_to_hh=0,@pick_no=@p6 output,@session_id='qiqsiybtoshpdr555z5rgz55',@success=@p8 output,@error=@p9 output,@error_message=@p10 output
select @p6, @p8, @p9, @p10

Investigating …

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