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Datalogic 0 rows, xx errors Fix

Get the store's IP Address and connect to them via SQL

Scrambled HHT data (No session ID in TraxsBucket)
in ART_TRAXS_HHT db, get time and date of data send and isolate as much as possible.

SELECT TOP 1000 [Guid]
FROM [ART_TRAXS_HHT].[dbo].[TraxsBucket]
where CreatedDateTime >= ''
order by CreatedDateTime desc

Check to see if there is a Session ID or not, if not, data needs to be rescued with following script.

DECLARE @Success bit,
@ErrorNo int,
@Message varchar(50)
EXEC [dbo].[traxs_Bucket_SessionForDevice]
@DeviceId = 1,
@UserNo = 1,
@Description = 'Rescued',
@Success = @Success OUTPUT,
@ErrorNo = @ErrorNo OUTPUT,
@Message = @Message OUTPUT

Check the data again in TraxsBUcket and now it should have a session ID and make it's way to traxs. Once confirmed, rebuild the datalogic.

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