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Xero failures due to missing Ledger Code

There are instances where a product doesn’t have a ledger code which causes the Xero interface to fail.

The interface is picked up at 2am and again at 11am and detailed in

Should there be any failures there can be picked up and corrected by:

EXEC [interface].[traxs_AccountPosting_PopulateSales2_Failures]
@start_date = '2021-02-01'
EXEC [interface].[traxs_AccountPosting_PopulateSales2_DataForDiagnostics]
@branch_no = 6,
@sales_date = '2021-03-01'

The barcode and description of products with missing ledger codes need to sent to Nicola who will add them. These products will then get picked up on the next run but can be manually reprocessed by

EXEC  [interface].[traxs_AccountPosting_PopulateSales2_Failures_AutoReprocess]
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