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Vital Browser issues

Pets Corner have the ability to load up Vital items that are not on the Tills but exist on the Vital Catalogue. In order to do this we received a weekly file over ftp which is stored on the HO Server:

D:\Program Files (x86)\Advanced Retail Technologies\VitalFTPDataImport\products.csv

This is picked up by a job VitalFTPImport which runs VitalFTPDataImport.exe (in the same folder) every Sunday at 6am and writes the data to:


There are a few reasons why a store may not be able to find the product to download. The main 2 are:

1) for some reason the job which copies the data over hasn't run. In this case, check the date on the product.csv file on the Pets HO Server and rerun VitalFTPDataImport.exe manually. These can be picked up by

SELECT *   FROM [import_petsc].[dbo].[special_orders_log] where is_error = 1 order by date_time desc 

2) the status of the product is either 'DISC' or 'GONE' which means that the product is being discontinued and can not be requested and consequently sold through tills - this is working as designed but the status is not present on the Vital Catalogue so the store staff won't know. In order to determine the status, the only way is to RDP onto the HO Server, drag the product.csv into an SSMS query panel (due to its size) and then search for the product.

Other errors include:

- Duplicates caused by the barcode or user_supp_code already existing on the barcode table

- The TraxsBranchListener Service not running which retrieves the data from the HO server and places it on the BO server

- The file from Vital hasn't been updated

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