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Unable to Create Pick

NDS may call to say they get an Incident Raised when they try to create a pick - e.g. #83770

Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'whs_location', table 'priarch.dbo.stock_location'; The column does not 
allow nulls. INSERT fails.     About to call traxs_Warehouse_Picking_Edit_CreateMovement   

I think it's a known issue to do with multiple allocations running before the pick is created. Don't know why, but it's caused duplicate lines on the pick for the same product but one has a NULL whs_location.

I created a version of traxs_Warehouse_Picking_Edit_CreateMovement to identify the line in question attached

  A.whse_no, A.whs_location, A.product, ISNULL(A.picked_quantity, A.quantity), A.guid_request_link   
  allocation_det A 
INNER JOIN product PR ON PR.product = A.product 
  A.allocation_pick = '?' AND -- pick no is in the error message in traxs_errors
  PR.batch_type < 3 AND 
  ISNULL(A.picked_quantity, A.quantity) <> 0 AND whs_location is null 
 ORDER BY -- TODO make this configurable as this is not likely to suit all people 

-- shows the duplicates 
select * from allocation_det where guid_request_link = '?'
-- secure just in case
select * into _allocation_det from allocation_det where row_id = ?
-- update whs_location with the primary(same as duplicate) and quantity to zero so that it's not duplicated.
begin transaction
update allocation_det set whs_location = ?, quantity = 0 where row_id = ?
commit transaction 
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