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Traxs Error Diagnostics

declare @range int = 60

drop table #timeout
select 'timeout: ' + substring(data, charindex('_EVENTTARGET:',data)+13, charindex('__EVENTARGUMENT:',data) - charindex('_EVENTTARGET:',data)-15) as timeout_object into #timeout from traxs_errors where context like '%Execution Timeout Expired%' and date_time > getdate()-@range and charindex('_EVENTTARGET:',data) <> 0
select timeout_object, count(*) from #timeout group by timeout_object
select context,count(*) from traxs_errors where  date_time > getdate()-@range and context not like '%Execution Timeout Expired%' group by context having count(*) > 2 order by 2 desc
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