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Engineer and System Sprocs

There are a host of stored procedures in side the product which allow you to:

  • View config and setup information
  • View static information (product, promos etc)
  • View transaction information (sales and movements)
  • Amend data safely

Using an Engineer sproc is always preferable to coding something yourself as it's been tested and (probably) used many times.

If you're using a script repeatedly it should probably be an Engineer sproc. If so please send the script to DB.

Once the engineer sproc has been created by DB, we will need to create documentation for it and will require the following template. Send this over to AM, this will be added to the list of sprocs below and document linked to that sproc.

Template : advance_retail_sproc_template.doc

To view the engineer sproc run the stored procedure “engineer” to get a listing of all engineer sprocs.

  • traxs_Engineer_CashupBanking_Last10Days Help Guide
  • traxs_Engineer_ChangeBranchpriceList
  • traxs_Engineer_ClonePoSImage
  • traxs_Engineer_EFT_NumericSettings_SetAdd
  • traxs_Engineer_EFT_StringSettings_SetAdd
  • traxs_Engineer_EFT_Terminal_UpdateAdd_Wrap
  • traxs_Engineer_EFT_Terminal_View
  • traxs_Engineer_EmailsSentToday
  • traxs_Engineer_GiftCard_Config_All
  • traxs_Engineer_GiftCard_Config_Missing
  • traxs_Engineer_Info_Invoice
  • traxs_Engineer_JobQueue
  • traxs_Engineer_Picks_Last24Hours
  • traxs_Engineer_Picks_NewSystem_Last24Hours
  • traxs_Engineer_PriceImplement_Today
  • traxs_Engineer_Promo_Info
  • traxs_Engineer_ReportPoSQueueError_LastHour
  • traxs_Engineer_ScheduledJob_AnyTime
  • traxs_Engineer_Stocktake_ResetStatusToSnapshot
  • traxs_Engineer_StocktakeScheduled_Reset
  • traxs_Engineer_Terminal_Update
  • traxs_Engineer_Till_ServerBranchList_Add
  • traxs_Engineer_TransferOutToBranch_FixDestination Use this to fix a Transfer TO Branch/Transfer in to the wrong branch
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