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Sale from Till not delivery from Warehouse

The user has reported that warehouse stock is not showing on the system and the stock should have created an auto branch stock.

Documentation can be found here:

-- get sale details
SELECT * FROM vw_Invoice WHERE terminal_id = 29 AND invoice_num = 1974  

-- I then check in Product setup

-- is "Till Sale To Warehouse Replen" setup - answer yes
SELECT * FROM vw_ProductAttributeBase WHERE product = 48709

-- is require_customer set on, although further investigation
-- showed it wasnt set on at the time of the sale - which is the root of the problem
SELECT require_customer, * FROM product WHERE product = 48709  

SELECT * FROM invoice_to_pick_routing -- not required for diagnosis
-- find if the sale was added to the "invoice_to_pick" queue
SELECT * FROM invoice_to_pick WHERE guid_sale = '8285D593-F194-4D2F-9994-653B2906480C'

-- it was but because there was no customer attached to the customer it failed processing 
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