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RMA Guide


Use the following link to fill out the online form in order to get an RMA submitted.
For till related issues, you will need to email them directly to the following support email for issues that require an engineer visit on


Use the following link to fill out an RMA request for Datalogic units.
You will need login credentials in order to do this.


For Epson units, we need to contact them on their Customer Interaction Centre 0871 4237766 or alternatively, you can email over the details of the faulty unit, the fault with the device and they will get back to you with diagnostics, repair service or swap out to the following email


You will need to pop over an email to Zebra Technologies providing the serial number and they will check whether the device has any warranty or extra cover in order for them to get the device an RMA.
You will need to send an email asking to check the warranty on the device on the following email address:
Once they have confirmed that the device is in fact under warranty or has the extra cover, you will need to fill out the RMA form and sent to them. They will then accept this and sent it you back for you to forward to the customer. The customer will have to get the device packaged up sufficiently and sent it over to them via courier.

UPDATE: Zebra have provided us with a link to check warranty status's of device ourselves rather than sending them over to Zebra all the time:


Replacement PED's need to be sent via email to Optomany's customer support address:
Optomany process these requests at 14:30pm daily, any sent in after this time, they will not be process until the next day and arrive at the store the day after.

When forwarding off to Optomany for a replacement PED, make sure you include the following details:
(A) Serial number
(B) Fault
(C) What has been done
(D) Store details (including telephone and store email)

Make sure you let the store know once you have confirmation that the PED will be swapped out and ETA on when it will arrive at the store.

On rare occasions, Optomany will want to connect to the till and double check a few things before arranging the swap.

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