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Restoring a Pets PC following a virus or disk failure

Clone database from backup of other similar store preferably the newest available and restore to target store

Disable Traxsagent agent and NimbusPosComms Run cleardown and config new store Ensure Server_branch list is added correctly for terminals - #73656 Ensure terminal_ids are correct in the Terminal table - preventing logon processing failed #73393 Ensure whs_location is set up correctly - #73310 Make sure its got the correct identity and price list

Create blank db on HO Copy key tables to blank db Back up and zip on HO

Restore the store data from HO onto temp db including disabling triggers and Stock Location Copy data to store priarch

Re-enable triggers and stock location trigger. Restart TraxsJobAgent and NimbusPosComms

Rebuild one of tills pos.lte if necessary Either copy over pos.lte onto other till or rebuild

Ensure Tegen have installed yourDMS and added the bookmarks as part of the pc build

You may need to reset the next invoice number in the registry on the till as it might have got out of sync Copy over missing scheduled stocktakes

Further Details

Steps required to rebuild a store db following a virus or corrupt hard drive:

1. On the store server, rebuild the hard drive in the normal way up until the database restore…

2. Ensure all polling services are off i.e. TraxsJobAgent and NimbusPosComms

3. Restore a database from the latest, live store on the newly built store server. It needs to be of the same type i.e. PC, PPP, Dogwood etc as it will be the base of products, promotions and prices.

4. Run the clear down scripts - attached. Note that the whs_location may already be present.

5. On the HO, create a blank db with default setting called ‘_’ + <store name>

6. Change the Branch, Warehouse and db references on the copy db scripts and run to create a copy of store data on the HO server

7. Backup and zip this temp db then copy to store server via FTP, TV copy or Cut and Paste. Note when backing up copy C:\\DBBACKUP and ensure that there is only one destination file.

8. On the store server, restore the temp database with the same db i.e. ‘_’ + <store name>

9. Restore the selected table using the restore db scripts to the prod tables. Note that this script will delete the triggers and disable tr_UpdateStockLocation on the Movements table.

10. Check the data.

11. Check the data again

12. Recreate the triggers using

traxs_Polling_Triggers_CreateWrap @am_ho = 0

This will generate the query to create the triggers which need to be copied and executed

13. Re-enable tr_UpdateStockLocation using

ALTER TABLE movements ENABLE TRIGGER [tr_UpdateStockLocation]

14. Restart all polling services i.e. TraxsJobAgent and NimbusPosComms

15. Check data is polling both ways.

Note that it is important the movements are aligned. It might be that mvt_anticpated (Transfer Ins), bad movements (terminal_id = 234), stocktakes, sales etc did not make it to HO depending on circumstances in which case they will not have been restored and need to be taken out for.

Cleardown script

Copy db

Restore db

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