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Reinstate Cashup Banking

You will need to need to know which tills banking is missing, the amount for the day and the date.
Connect to the store through SQL and run the following Query which will return all the cashup banking rows for each and every day for all tills.

SELECT TOP 1000 [stamp]
FROM [priarch].[dbo].[cashup_hdr]
order by date_time_started desc 

You will need to use the date given and terminal ID for the till to filter through the results and get the guid for the cashup banking.

To confirm the amount in cash taken on the till you will need use the “guid” from the script above and use it as a qualifier for this next script.

SELECT TOP 1000 [stamp]
FROM [priarch].[dbo].[cashup_det]
where guid_hdr = 'GUID HERE'

Once you have made sure you have the correct cashup banking record, you will need to update the cashup_banking flag back to '0' in the cashup_hdr table and this will reinstate it back onto Traxs for the store.

begin transaction 
update [priarch].[dbo].[cashup_hdr] set cashup_banking = 0 where guid = 'GUID HERE'
--Commit transaction
--Rollback Transaction

Commit update and check the stores Traxs, then notify the store it has been done.

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