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Polling Scripts

NOTE: Polling needs to be cleared within 24 hours!

Use the following scripts at HO database to see what is outstanding for polling that needs to be processed.

USE priarch;
  --Run to see what data yet has to be polled and cleared.
EXEC dbo.traxs_diagnostics_eod_recorddetail_missingformonth; 

After you have checked what branches are outstanding for polling, you will need to get the IP address for each store, connect to each branch 1 by 1 using SQL, run the following script to push the End of Day data and allow this to poll to Head Office.

NOTE: if you have access to SQLUpdater - You can use this to push the following script out by selecting the branches from the list

Please add the DATE from the HO Table used to check outstanding polling.
(Use the column “audit_date” for this).

use priarch
EXEC traxs_EOD_ResendDay '@DATE'
EXEC dbo.Traxs_Polling_now
EXEC traxs_polling;

In order to check to see if the data has been cleared, you will need to run on of the following scripts:

NOTE: 1 Script is for checking a single branch… The other is for checking by day (Good for when you have more than 1 branch outstanding for polling). The following scripts are to be used at HO and not at the store.

Run to see if data has been polled and cleared for a particular site, Please add the DATA (Use the column “audit_date” for this) and BRANCH_NO.

EXEC traxs_DayComplete_Check_ForBranch '@DATE', '@Branch_no', 1; 

Run to check polling has cleared for a whole day; Please add the DATE (Use the column “audit_date” for this)

EXEC traxs_DayComplete_CheckWrap '@DATE', 0; 

If you find there is polling regarding the movements tables ONLY, please use the following sprocs to resend movement polling ONLY:

traxs_EOD_ResendMovements @date_from = ?
--Can also use date range 
traxs_EOD_ResendMovements @date_from = ?, @date_to = ?

Further information:

If polling has not cleared and you have resent the data a few times… There may be an issue with the way data is moving between the stores and HO. This will need to be escalated, as a HIGH priority in order for it to be looked at immediately and investigated.

If polling has been outstanding for more than 24 hours and has not been cleared you will need to escalate this matter as URGENT.


Send the following email to once polling has been cleared.

Hello all,

Outstanding Polling for Pets Corner has now been cleared.


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