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Mobile Downloads Sent to Wrong Store Fix (Latifs)

First you will need to get the branch_no for the correct store. Use following query and this will return all branches.

Select * from branch

Use the following to isolate all the data from the Mobile Download to make sure you have the correct set of data.

SELECT TOP 1000 [stamp]
FROM [priarch].[dbo].[mobile_data_hdr]
where mobile_data_id = '@Mobile_data_id HERE'

You will need to update the records with the correct “Branch_no”. Use the following update statement to do this.

Begin Transaction
update [priarch].[dbo].[mobile_data_hdr] set branch_no = 2 where mobile_data_id = '@Mobile_data_id HERE'
--Commit Transaction
--Rollback Transaction

Run the previous to make sure only the data for that mobile_data_id has changed, once happy, commit statement and let them know it has been done.

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