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Mobile Downloads Re-Instate

Connect to stores SQL and run the following select case on to show all mobile download headers.

SELECT TOP 1000 [stamp]
FROM [priarch].[dbo].[mobile_data_hdr]
order by date_time desc 

Obtain the mobile download ID of the acquire mobile download that needs re-instating. Use the mobile download ID in the following select statement to return all products in that mobile download and confirm with store.

SELECT TOP 1000 [stamp]
FROM [priarch].[dbo].[mobile_data_det]
where mobile_data_ID = '?'

The number of rows corresponds to the number of items in the mobile download. Once confirmed with store, use the following two update statements to change the “Complete” flags to 0 (0 = Not complete, 1 = Complete) so the download appears back onto the stores Traxs. These will change the flags in the hdr table and the det table.

begin transaction
Update [priarch].[dbo].[mobile_data_hdr] set complete = 0 where mobile_data_id = '?'
Update [priarch].[dbo].[mobile_data_det] set complete = 0 where mobile_data_id = '?'
--commit transaction

Once happy with data, use the “commit transaction” to finalise the change and check the stores Traxs under “Mobile Downloads” to confirm the download has been re-instated. Once confirmed, notify the store.

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