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Missing Movements

Occasionally on the non-hosted version, the movements won't have polled or Bad Movements will mean there is a discrepancy better the Store Server and Ho Server. If this is the case, do a comparison using the script below and putting the output into a Comparison utility:

help local -- 106/121

SELECT tran_type, COUNT(*) FROM movements WHERE orig_whse_no = ?
AND tran_type IN (2,4,5,6)
GROUP BY tran_type
SELECT tran_type, COUNT(*) FROM movements WHERE dest_whse_no = ?
AND tran_type NOT IN (2,4,5,6)
GROUP BY tran_type
select guid from  movements WHERE dest_whse_no = ? and tran_type = 0 order by guid

select * from movements where guid in ('?')
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