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Locked out of Traxs

Since migration, the outstanding jobs are now written to a job list and these can be cleared using the following:

  SELECT * FROM branch
  WHERE branch_name LIKE '%?%'

  --to job list entries for a branch do this:
  EXEC [dbo].[traxs_JobList_Get] @user_no = 0, @branch_no = ?

  --From that get the row_id and plug that into this:
  EXEC traxs_Engineer_JobList_Archive @row_id = ?

Previously on the non-hosted version, a store was unlocked with the following: Connect to the back office using the IP Address. Run to see what documents need to be scanned:

use priarch
select * from priarch.[yourdms].[deliverynote_scan]
order by date_time desc

Get the store to and ask the store to re-scan the paperwork, if successful, re-run above query and “Scanned_datetime” will be populated with date and time.

Change the flag under “scanned” to 1 for missing docs to unlock Traxs if store are unable to scan paperwork BEGIN TRANSACTION will start the transaction and will unlock the Traxs:

Update priarch.[yourdms].[deliverynote_scan] Set scanned = 1 WHERE scanned = 0
--and date_time < '@Date'

COMMIT TRANSACTION will finalise and commit the traxs as being unlocked so it will show on the frontend of traxs when someone views it:

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