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Hiding Tills from Job Alerts

When you get a POS alert it is normally due to the till being switched off, comms issues or PoS not running. Every time an alert is raised via Freshdesk ticket or notification email, those three scenarios should be checked.

If till shouldn't be polled to it can be removed from the table using:

EXEC [nimbus_Engineer_Till_ServerBranchList_Delete] @terminal_id = ?

If the till is offline it can be hidden from reporting using

EXEC traxs_Engineer_KnownOffline_Add  @terminal_id = ?

This should be followed up with the customer

If the till comes online, alerted by the till heartbeat, it will be marked as online again. This timer checks the heartbeat every 5 mins.Each call to the heartbeat updates column [last_heartbeat] in table [server_branchlist ] using sproc [nimbus_PoS_Heartbeat_Update]

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