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Extra Picks for Stores

At all stores needing picks, run the following:

traxs_ReplenishmentRequest_ExecuteFromSchedule @force = 1

Make absolutely sure this is only run once for each store requuiring extra picks otherwise you will get duplicates

For the PPP stores (including refit) only

At HO The PPP orders need some addition steps to convert them into requests which then get polled to the Warehouse Server. Make sure the request orders have arrived !!!!!!!

select * from warehouse where description like '%bristol%' or description like '%nailsea%' or description like '%cheddar%'
select * from vw_ReplenishmentOrder where date_time > '2016-12-22 09:30' and whse_no_requesting = 246


select * from [dbo].[vw_ReplenishmentOrder_OrderSchedule] where requesting_whse_no = ? 

-- where row_id is for the destination warehouse concerned
update vw_ReplenishmentOrder_OrderSchedule set ?_ovd = 1 where row_id = ? -- where ?_ovd is todays day e.g. monday_ovd

EXEC traxs_ReplenishmentOrder_Process

EXEC [dbo].[traxs_ReplenishmentOrder_LogicToReplenishment_ForWarehouse_Wrap] @whse_no = 1 -- NDS = 1, Verwood = 276

-- check requests 
select * from [dbo].[vw_ReplenishmentRequest]  where requesting_whse_no = ? and date_time > ?

-- make sure the request requests have left !!!!!!!

At Warehouse e.g. AT NDS Make sure the request orders have arrived !!!!!!!


-- requests from Pets and ex PPP stores will be there
select requesting_whse_no, replenishment_state, count(*) from [dbo].[vw_ReplenishmentRequest] where requesting_whse_no in (45,125,148,163) and date_time > '2016-12-21 08:45' group by requesting_whse_no, replenishment_state

-- if you are absolutely sure everything has arrived then run the allocations job
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