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Confirming Price Change Email is being Sent

An email is sent to each store indicating any price changes. This is produced locally and once created the next run date is calculated. It has been known for the next run date to be miscalculate if the server had been switched off. It can be reset as follows:

SELECT * FROM [dbo].[vw_JobQueue2_ScheduledJobs_Current]

To check if the email had been sent use:

select * from email_queue2 where date_time > getdate()-1

begin transaction
update vw_JobQueue2_ScheduledJobs_Current set next_run = '2014-12-15 06:00:00.000'
commit transaction 

If the missing price change report is required, it can be created by adding another job to the job queue with the same guid_hdr as the scheduled one:

select guid_hdr, * from reports r 
inner join job_queue_hdr h on h.instructions = cast(r.report_id as varchar)
inner join job_queue_det_scheduled s on s.guid_hdr = h.guid

insert into [job_queue_det_immediate]([guid_hdr],[date_time],[complete])VALUES('<guid_hdr>',getdate(),0)
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