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Clearing Handcross printers

Having logged onto the server via RDP (TV is flakey) and fired up the printer queue, I retried the prints and they all cleared.

IP =, usr =\ARTSoftware. /w in customer logons v2

I also confirmed that the Print Utility is running the intray and that there are no outstanding errors. [traxs_Engineer_LabelPrinting_QueueTop30]

SELECT TOP 100 * FROM vw_LabelPrinter_Queue Q WHERE printer_name LIKE '%PRN00-20.53%' ORDER BY Q.row_id DESC

The systray app runs from the desktop of the “NDSHCPCTRAXS01” server at Handcross.

The server must be logged on under the ARTSoftware account to run. It currently needs starting manually after a server reboot.

Support Notes
Check (in order):

Switch printer on and off again

Are there any prints backed up in the Printer Spooler queue - if so retry or clear

Check that the LabelPrinting systray app is running

Use sproc [traxs_Engineer_LabelPrinting_QueueTop30] to view any labels that have failed to print
Use sproc [traxs_Engineer_LabelPrinting_Retry] @row_id = ? to reset the print queue status and get the label to print again

Is the printer showing as online - use PortScanning app on desktop

On the app itself (on the tablet) check that a printer is selected - see the “About” dialog


To view the last 10 prints from PRN001 do:

SELECT TOP 10 * FROM vw_LabelPrinter_Queue Q 
WHERE printer_name LIKE '%PRN001%'

Using the saved_id from the above query you can look at the actual printer commands:

SELECT * FROM label_print_saved_hdr WHERE row_id = ?
SELECT TOP 121 hdr_id, customer, DATEADD(DAY, 1, packed_date_time), packed_user_no, packed_users_id 
FROM vw_SalesOrder_Hdr where packed_date_time > '2020-05-29'

Example ticket
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