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BL Shopify interface failures

Documents Website Interface Redesign 2021 - Website Interface 2019 Website Interface (Function Detail)

It appears that BL are deleting products previously added into Shopify and as a result the update is failing because Traxs believes the product to be there when its not - signified by web_product_id is not null.

interface_datetime is set once when first added and last_error shows the last_error that was encountered. All errors are stored in interface_exception

David found some inconsistencies where this was filtering out lines with errors but the sproc that gets products for a specific website instance wasn't. These have now been fixed.

[web_interface].[traxs_WebInterface_Service_ProductQueue_Get] is run at application level to tell each instance what needs to be done

By executing the following, Traxs believes the product hasn’t been interfaced and will push the product back up to Shopify

UPDATE websites.product_interface_det 
   SET last_interface_error = NULL, 
   product_refresh_error_id = NULL
  row_id = ?

SELECT * FROM websites.vw_WebsiteInterfaceProducts_ProductListing WHERE hdr_id = ?
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