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Bad Movements

As per #27800

There is a known issue whereby PO add ons use the original 234 number, allocated for HO) and consequently the addon movement doesn't filter back to HO. Furthermore the missing movement means that the stores stock is wrong at HO but correct at the store. Because the replenishment is done from HO PO requests continue to be sent to the supplier even though the store have enough store.

To get around this I manually run the script below weekly to correct the movement so that it gets sent to HO. I have now this and the stock has been corrected.

SELECt count(*) FROM movements WHERE doc_terminal_id= 234

drop table _BadMovements234 

SELECt * INTO _BadMovements234 FROM movements WHERE doc_terminal_id= 234

DECLARE @terminal_id smallint
-- get terminal used locally
-- SELECt TOP 11 * FROM movements where tran_type = 0 AND doc_terminal_id =226 order by date_time desc
-- cross ref this to correbt local terminals: help local

select @terminal_id = terminal_id from terminal where terminal = 'SVR' and branch_no in (select branch_no from z_database_identity)

DECLARE @doc_no int
SELECt @doc_no = MAX(doc_no) FROM movements where doc_terminal_id = @terminal_id
UPDATE movements SET terminal_id = @terminal_id, doc_terminal_id = @terminal_id, doc_no = doc_no+ @doc_no WHERE doc_terminal_id = 234
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