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Audit PoS Transactions overview

All PoS transactions are audited and there is a report available in Traxs however it can be difficult to interrupt and there is missing functionality that isn't audited. The script below will give some information:

select * from invoice_hdr where terminal_id = ? and invoice_num = ?
select a.*, av.description, 
case audit_info
when '[ExtraButton1]' THEN 'List'
when '[ExtraButton2]' THEN 'Search'
when '[ExtraButton3]' THEN 'Gift Card'
when '[ExtraButton4]' THEN 'Hot keys'
when '[ExtraButton5]' THEN 'Pay'
when '[ExtraButton6]' THEN 'LogOff'
when '[ExtraButton7]' THEN 'More'
when '[ExtraButton8]' THEN 'Unknown'
when '[ExtraButton9]' THEN 'Unknown'
when '[MorePayments1]' THEN 'Gift Receipt'
when '[MorePayments2]' THEN 'Print Receipt'
when '[ExtraButton10]' THEN 'Show basket'
when '[ExtraButton11]' THEN 'Sub Total'
when '[ExtraButton12]' THEN 'Clear'
ELSE NULL END as button
from nimbus_audit a
left outer join x_audit_values av on av.row_id = a.audit_action
where terminal_id = 99 and audit_date_time between ? and  ?

Extra Buttons are as follows:

1 - list
2 - search
3 - gift card
4 - hot keys
5 - pay
6 - logoff
7 - more
8 - gift receipt
9 - print receipt
10 - show basket
11 - sub toal
12 - clear
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